Analytics for builders.

Record and query billions of datapoints with Scratch Data. Transform your analytics database into a REST API, no extra infrastructure needed.
import scratchdata

client = scratchdata.Client('api-key')
client.record({"user": "alice", "event": "click"})
Data processed since launch
15 terabytes
Rows ingested
5 billion
Average integration time
13.2 minutes

Build Faster

Ingest data from anywhere

Push it to your analytics database without Kafka, message queues, ETLs, or batch processing.

With a single API endpoint, Scratch Data streams to your database. We automatically set up tables and manage schema migrations.
Set Scratch Data as a webhook destination so that Stripe, Shopify automatically sends detailed transaction data to your warehouse.
Fast, reliable, tracable.
Our API returns in milliseconds and returns a unique ID for each piece of data ingested. Trace exactly where data came from.
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Share Data

Get data in front of users

Scratch Data makes lets you get data out of the BI tool and into the real world.

Realtime API
Create realtime analytics products by querying data via an API. Use regular JSON in your application code. No more database drivers, credentials, or connection management.
Create API endpoints that restrict which rows can be queried. Safely create endpoints for customers or internal developers to build against.
Data in any format.
Create one-time links to datasets that can be downloaded in any format they need: JSON, CSV, Excel, Parquet.
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Use Cases

Launch data products today instead of coding for months.

Financial Analysis

Use Scratch Data to build realtime financial anaytics. A single source of truth for millions of line items to deliver blazing fast reports.

See how Bilanc is helping companies track unit economics.

User Events

Capture user events - from click tracking to survey results - without vendor lock-in. Analyze funnels, understand patterns, and create realtime dashboards.

Read about how Embeddables is helping firms track billions of customer interactions.


Combine market data from many sources into a single database. Scratch lets you be smarter with you customer relationships.

Learn how Juniper uses health transparency data to help clinics streamline insurance reimbursement.


Plans for teams of all sizes


Self-host the product and access core functionality via API

$0 /month

  • API access
  • All database connectors


Most popular

Hosted analytics pipeline.

$24 /month

  • Dashboard
  • Share data with one-time links
  • 100 GB of data transfer
  • $0.30/GB thereafter
  • Email support
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For growth stage companies.

$149 /month

  • 1 TB of data transfer
  • Bulk data pricing
  • Private Slack channel
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Our Promise:
Unlock your data in 30 minutes.

We promise we can get your application connected to your database within a single Zoom. If not, the first month is on us.