Serverless Analytics.

Build analytics with zero infrastructure.
Automatically create and optimize tables from JSON.


Quickstart guides for using ScratchDB to do common tasks: log analysis, customer analytics, integrations

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Case Studies

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Capture and analyze data now.

ScratchDB lets you stream data without a "CREATE TABLE".

Send your JSON

  • Ingest data with an API key
  • We automatically create and populate tables

Analytics Workloads with SQL

  • Execute OLAP queries immediately
  • No need to provision server capacity

Open Source


ScratchDB has predictable pricing.
Just pay for what you use: no credits or vCPUs.
$ 0.35 /GB
(Minimum 30 GB)
For data stored, after compression, in ScratchDB.
$ 0.25 /hour
For query duration, billed to the second

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Our cloud hosted beta is open! Let us know if you're interested or want to chat.