Embeddables + Scratch Data

Scratch Data helped us go from zero Clickhouse experience to a fully migrated and far superior analytics solution in next to no time at all. I’d thoroughly recommend their services, for small and large companies alike!


Embeddables is a leading company specializing in building customer-facing experiences: from sign-up onboarding flows to personalization quizzes. They are entrenched in user analytics, handling 1.5 TB of data and 1 billion rows of information. Until recently, they were analyzing everything in Postgres.


  1. Slow Query Response: Embeddables' database was suffering from slow query responses, impacting real-time data analysis and hindering the delivery of timely and efficient solutions to its customers.
  2. High Volume Data Handling: Managing such a large amount of data presented devops challenges - time taken away from building their product.
  3. Innovative Feature Launch: Their existing database setup restricted Embeddables' capability to roll out new and innovative features.


To overcome these challenges, Embeddables adopted ScratchDB as a blazing-fast, efficient, and cost-effective way to run Clickhouse.

  1. Swift and Seamless Integration: Embeddables experienced zero downtime during the integration of ScratchDB - we did it over a slice of pizza in Brooklyn.
  2. Exceptional Speed Improvement: Post-integration, Embeddables witnessed a massive improvement in query speed compared to their previous Postgres setup.
  3. Economically Efficient: ScratchDB provided a value-driven, cost-effective solution enabling optimal resource allocation.
  4. Innovation Unleashed: The capabilities afforded by ScratchDB empowered Embeddables to develop and launch features that were previously unfeasible.


Embeddables’ transition to ScratchDB’s hosted Clickhouse has been pivotal, completely unblocking their ability to deliver a snappy, working app for their customers. The immediate improvements have removed the need for sysadmin work and allowed the team to focus on customer-facing features. Scratch Data, with its unparalleled speed, cost-effectiveness, and seamless integration, stands out as an invaluable asset for companies like Embeddables looking to navigate the challenges posed by extensive data and analytics needs.